Because Canada needs entrepreneurs.

Privately owned small and medium size businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy. 9/10 Canadians in the private sector work for a small or medium sized business. Small and medium business created over 85% of all new jobs for the past two decades and contribute almost 40% of Canada’s gross domestic product. Canada needs Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs need the strategic tax & financial guidance that big guys get.

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Our Story

Like every Entrepreneur, we started our business to do something better than what’s out there. It’s been two decades and our commitment to growing the private sector of small and medium sized business by supporting extraordinary Canadian entrepreneurs with financial & tax strategy has only heightened.

A little over 20 years ago, our founders were a couple of corporate CFOs bored sick by the constraints of the corporate environment and inspired by the lives and impact of the entrepreneurs they served. Identifying with the entrepreneurial spirit inside themselves, they figured the best gig in town would be CFO for a small, agile, risk-taking, opportunity-creating business… or a bunch of them.

With that idea in mind, they gave up their cushy office and guaranteed pension and set out to build an accounting firm specifically for the complex needs of Canada’s entrepreneurs. On the journey of supporting entrepreneurs in the trenches (and taking their fair share of entrepreneurial blows along the way) they have seen that while private enterprise may not make headlines in the stock market or Fortune Magazine, they are transformative to the lives and hearts of the people they serve.

Today, as a firm of 23 accountants, bookkeepers, and support team members – everyone with in inherent entrepreneurial spirit – we have expanded to support more extraordinary entrepreneurs. Canada needs us suckers-for-punishment, for jobs, innovation, and so more much. Plus… it’s a hell-of-an exciting ride. We applaud you. We are with you. Let’s make some moves.

Understand the problem

Know who you’re solving the problem for, and what’s at stake.

Decades of working with innovators and founders revealed this core value is the secret to creating a better product, delivering a better service, and engaging a team to passionately care about their work.

This entrepreneurial core value and fundamental belief drives us to build a better accounting service specifically for the complex needs of the Canadian business owner.

“They are knowledgeable and creative in their approach – I can always rely on them when it comes time to make important decisions about my business.

Nathan Daniels

President, Daniels Law Corp

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