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A culture of entrepreneurship.

When we say “entrepreneurship,” that doesn’t mean you have to be someone who owns a business. Everyone at Provision CPA, no matter their title, has an entrepreneurial mindset. It’s rooted deep in the DNA of our company, and it looks like this:

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We dare to think outside the box, or break the box all together, when we’ve applied our knowledge and intuition.

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We earn our clients’ trust as advisors and problem solvers because we ask questions from a place of curiosity and seeking to understand their unique problem or opportunity.

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We take a team approach to all of our work, playing in our strength zones to lead our clients to success. We roll up our sleeves and get sh*t done.

Mentorship, leadership & growth opportunities.

An entrepreneurial spirit rarely waits for an opportunity to be handed to them, they create their own opportunities, and that spirit doesn’t just live in entrepreneurs who start businesses. It takes a team with entrepreneurial spirit. We’re looking for hungry individuals who can see that the sky’s the limit when it comes to charting your professional growth here. We prioritize mentorship and leadership development that you seek to provide value to you in your career as well as your life.

We don’t see ourselves as typical accountants.

Are we brilliant CPAs? We like to think so. But that’s not all we are.

Honestly, if you asked us, we hardly see ourselves as accountants. We see ourselves as people who love solving business problems with financial strategies and solutions. If you feel the same way, we should talk.


Staff Accountant

I’ve been working for Provision for almost 13 years. I appreciate the support provided by the partners and enjoy working with my colleagues. I feel great at the end of the day when I know I tried and did my best at work for the day. I know I love my job when I look forward to signing in my work station every morning.

Stefanie Jordan

Client Advocate & Admin Manager

It’s never the same from year to year! I keep learning new things, discovering what I do and don’t enjoy. The Partners have supported me professionally and personally through the years. It’s also a trip watching Provision change how we work, what kind of clients we approach and how the team changes over time. So many awesome personalities! 

Oliver Porter


I work with great people in all areas of the company. Everyone is looking to help each other and the clients whenever they can. You would think that would be commonplace in all companies, but from experience, it really is not. I feel very lucky to have found Provision and be in the position I am in. 

Let’s do big things

Whatever you do, wherever you’re at, we want to talk with you.