Do you only work with Entrepreneurs?

We work with individuals who embody an entrepreneurial spirit. To us, that means they strive provide a solution to a problem, and to do it in a better way. Whether you’re the owner of a medical clinic, and professional services consultant, or working in real estate, we serve those who want to do more and do better. Even if you don’t see yourself as an entrepreneur, we do.

How is your firm different for entrepreneurs than general accountants and firms?

All accountants will show you the numbers and prepare your taxes. As an accounting firm for entrepreneurs, Provision CPA help you understand what those numbers mean and what actions to take as a result to either make smart moves and leverage opportunities, and/or avoid mistakes, surprises, and blind spots.

We provide the strategic insight of another entrepreneur who understands what it’s like to operate a small-to-medium sized business, through a service plan customized for you. Read more about How We Work.

How does your team give every one of your clients the attention they and their business needs?

We have structured our team and business to serve the unique needs of the entrepreneur. Every one of our clients gets on-call access to a Strategic Advisor. You’re supported by our team of entrepreneurial accountants and bookkeepers to ensure paperwork and compliance concerns are off your plate. And our operations and client service team ensures no details get missed. Read more about Our Team.

You support with financial and tax strategy for entrepreneurs but do you do the everyday stuff?

Of course! In addition to Business Consulting and Financial Strategy, Provision CPA offers Tax Strategy and Preparation, and Accounting and Bookkeeping services. That includes tax returns, payroll management, P/L analysis, and much more. Our integrated service plans are customized based on your specific business needs and objectives. See our full scope of Services.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We serve sectors that support a strong Canadian economy. Those sectors include (but are not limited to): Healthcare practices, professional services, trades & development, restaurants & retail, real estate, and entrepreneurial investors. Read more about Who We Serve and how.

How can I tell if I’ve outgrown my current accounting firm?

If you’re here checking out our website, that’s a pretty good indicator that you need, and are seeking, more from your accounting firm. Perhaps all the boxes are being checked, but you still feel like you have blinders on. Or you’re looking for a strategic partner that understands and is living the entrepreneurial life, You’re itching to make moves but need better assurance that you’re making the right ones. If any of those scenarios resonate, you are ready to consider an entrepreneurial accounting firm. Let’s talk.

How does better accounting impact by business and bottom line?

According to our clients:

  • We bring ideas for business strategy
  • We offer recommendations to help save and make money
  • We act as a partner in the financial side of your business
  • We help you avoid year-end surprises
  • We help you act with confidence when it comes to strategic planning, investing, mergers and acquisitions
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