Bita’s Story: Journey from Real Estate Agent to Entrepreneurial Accountant

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Leadership

Bita’s not-so-typical journey to CPA

If you asked someone to describe the traditional background of a CPA, you wouldn’t find many similarities with Bita Basir’s extensive resume.

 As an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience, Bita has been a small business owner, mortgage broker, real estate agent, and the list goes on. Not fitting into the traditional CPA mould hasn’t held Bita back from pursuing her dream of earning her CPA, a journey she began more than two decades ago. 

Bita decided to put her dream of becoming a CPA on hold after completing her undergraduate degree to start a family and raise her children. Putting her own goals and desires on hold in the interests of her family is admirable, noble, and all too familiar to many parents. And, much like Provision CPA is not your traditional accounting firm, Bita was not your traditional CPA candidate. She offered a breadth of entrepreneurial experiences, exceptional interpersonal skills, and the desire to be an entrepreneur within the firm, becoming an important part of its success.  

At Provision, our team’s list of experiences are those you might not expect to see in a typical accounting firm, and this is by design. The common thread you would find is an entrepreneurial spirit and individually unique problem-solving lenses coloured by diverse experiences. Provision CPA values non-traditional backgrounds, and here we outline the three reasons why below.

3 Reasons Why Provision CPA Values Unconventional Backgrounds

1. Entrepreneurs Don’t Fit Neatly into a Box; Neither Should Their Accountants

Entrepreneurs come from countless backgrounds, each with a business as unique and diverse as they are. It is this uniqueness and diversity Provision CPA seeks to hire to match its unconventional entrepreneurial accountants with. 

In Bita’s example, she can understand and empathize with clients who make the leap into entrepreneurship because she’s been there at one point in her career. She has felt the uncertainty that entrepreneurs constantly experience and knows when a listening ear is what her entrepreneurial clients need most. If you’re a CPA who wants to work on files and mundane day-to-day tasks and not with the entrepreneurs behind those files, Provision CPA is not for you.

2. Unique Paths Lead to Unique Perspectives   

The traditional educational path for a CPA is to finish high school, get a four-year degree in accounting, and complete the two-year CPA Professional Education Program (PEP) while earning the required professional experience hours. In total, this would take around six years to complete. New CPAs are busy learning technical accounting treatments early in their careers, with limited time to learn what happened behind the numbers. It wouldn’t be until later in their careers that they would interact directly with clients and learn the business drivers critical for their client’s success. Non-traditional CPAs, on the other hand, can lean on their individual experiences to provide their clients with business advice beyond the numbers that would take years for a ‘traditional’ path CPA to learn.

3. Bench Strength 

Sportscasters like to discuss a team’s bench strength – who does the team have on the bench they can call up and rely on when needed? As the co-coach of the Provision CPA team, I need to continually review who I have on my bench, what skills they bring to the table and when I can call on them. Having non-traditional CPAs on my bench increases the depth of knowledge Provision CPA can rely on when advising its entrepreneurial clients.      

Provision CPA is an accounting firm where our accountants are also entrepreneurs. We know where you are in your business because we have been there ourselves. If you want to have confidence in your financial numbers and the direction of your business, Provision CPA is here for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business.