What is the New Client Portal?

The New Client Portal provides our clients with a secure, centralized space to monitor and complete your data-collection process(es). You can access your information at any time, with a full view and history of their document requests, uploaded documents, and communication with the Provision Team. You will be able to see up to 100 work items with open requests to complete and view the last 100 completed work items you have been sent requests on.

How Do I Access The Portal?

Once your accountant has sent you your portal login details, you can then begin to create your account.

What is Magic Link?

A Magic Link is a unique URL generated every time your tasks are sent and removes the need for a PIN, but more importantly, improves security. When you access the tasks sent to you the link in the email is then associated with that device. This means that ‘client tasks’ are only accessible from that device. Should you not want to create a log-in, Provision will email a ‘Magic Link’ with each document request that allows you to react to the request and upload documents.

Does the Magic Link Expire?

Yes. The magic link is valid for 30 days. If you attempts to access the link after 30 days, you will need to contact Provision to generate a new magic link. The 30 days will recommence.

What Happens if a Task is Already Sent?

There is no change for a task that has been already sent. If you open ‘client tasks’ that have already been sent, you will need to use your PIN to log in from the email or you can login via the Client Portal screen.

What if I Need To Make Changes to Completed Work Requests?

You and Provision can see the requests, comments, and files which you can download. You cannot comment or change the status of your request (completed & uncompleted). You will need to contact Provision to request a change in status to be able to leave comments on previous work.

What Happens If I Resend My Clients Tasks?

Resent client tasks will now be accessed through the magic link and be hosted on the new Client Portal. You will no longer require a PIN to access your tasks requests.

What If I Don’t Want to Create A Portal Login?

You can continue to use the magic link and complete individual requests you don’t want to create a login, however, the login provides greater flexibility for you and Provision. The login enables you to access everything sent to them including completed requests, as well as copies of documents and files uploaded—so you and Provision can keep track and easily find what’s been sent.

What If I Want to Access on A Different Device?

No need to worry. Open the link or login through the new device and it will register that device and you will be all set to go.

Have More Questions?

Reach out to your accountant and they will be happy to answer any questions you have! We also created a video tutorial if you would like to watch a video breakdown of the New Client Portal, access here.